What We Do

Roofmeadow’s design team works collaboratively with architects, consultants, clients and contractors to offer a range of services from specialty consulting to full-service landscape architectural design through construction and long-term stewardship.

Playspace_Final Perspective Rendering

Landscape Architecture | Civil Engineering

Roofmeadow integrates landscape architecture and civil engineering to create inspiring landscapes that span seamlessly over rooftops, underground structures, and problem soils. Our integrated designs include permanent, thriving landscapes and depth-limited sites that “float” on paved surfaces, such as bridges, parking lots and streets. Roofmeadow offers comprehensive landscape architectural and construction support services. For many of our clients, Roofmeadow handles both the green roof and the traditional landscape architecture scope.

Specialty Engineering

Roofmeadow has pioneered creative technical solutions to accommodate steep slopes, high wind resistance, light-weight topography, tree planting on structure, intricate paving geometries, custom stormwater management innovations, and safety features into depth-limited, light-weight landscapes.  Elegant solutions to challenging engineering issues are our specialty.


The best Master Plans and Site Plans are informed by a strong vision and detailed technical know-how.  Roofmeadow offers innovative planning approaches that leverage our practical knowledge of technical, regulatory, construction, and maintenance issues.


Roofmeadow designs landscapes intended to thrive long-term and our unparalleled Stewardship Program tracks performance of new and legacy projects offering guidance for phased landscape enhancement and long-term maintenance.

So what’ll it be? A high-altitude hangout? A way-up wetland? A stratospheric soccer field? Go ahead, challenge us. If you’re up for it, we’re up for it.

Note: Roofmeadow is not licensed to offer engineering services in the State of Illinois.