Ele La Floresta
Guatemala City, Guatemala


Type IV - 12.00 inches of media

Roofmeadow provided landscape architectural and engineering design for a multi-unit residential complex in the heart of Guatemala City. The green roof serves as an amenity space for the residents of the complex. The project includes a large expanse of grass for relaxing and playing, plant beds filled native and adapted plants and a water garden at the entrance of the complex. Play surfaces, chalk boards and flowering vines are all part of a corner designed to be inviting to children.

Guatemala City, is located in a volcanic region and, in an effort to respond to the local landscape and source materials regionally, volcanic stone was used for different purposes and at different scales. Volcanic pumice was the basis of the green roof media and served as a decorative element along the edge of pathways and plant beds. Volcanic boulders, placed in rock garden zones, highlight the local geology and call attention to the regional landscape by showcasing the aesthetic qualities of the porous, jagged rocks.

The courtyard typology is common in Central America although green roofs are not.  The green roof serves the same purpose as a courtyard, but will also help to efficiently manage stormwater and lower the ambient temperature.

In addition to site design, Roofmeadow provided conceptual design for the site furniture including the benches and the lounge chairs. The site furniture was designed to be ballasted by the green roof media in order to avoid the need for contact with the waterproofing membrane.