Music City Center
Nashville, TN


2015 GRHC Award of Excellence


2.50 inches of media

Roofmeadow provided engineering services, construction support, and long-term stewardship management for this four acre green roof, Roofmeadow’s largest green roof to date. The green roof is five stories up and concentrated in three distinct areas. The undulating surface of this convention center roof creates varied pitches (16 – 25%) that require slope stabilization. The roof surface design drew inspiration from Tennessee’s rolling hills, and a large guitar shaped structure obscure’s the building’s mechanical equipment and supports a photo-voltaic array.

Music City Center is expected to become a Nashville landmark and serve as a public space attracting artists, performers, Nashvillians and tourists. The enormous green roof will contribute to the buildings cultural identity and provide a range of environmental benefits including stormwater management, energy savings and habitat creation. The ultra-thin green roof assembly, only 2.5-inches, was established with pre-vegetated mats. Roof runoff is harvested and used for at grade irrigation and toilet flushing within the building.

The Music City Center employs a beekeeper to tend four hives, which were installed in the spring of 2015 as part of an ongoing sustainability initiative. Half of this honey produced by the bees is used by the Music City Center culinary team, while the rest is jarred for promotional use.